Whether you’re on a militant skin regimen or don’t know the difference between a cleanser and a serum, PRP Treatment may be for you! Great for any skin type and texture, PRP Treatment enhances your natural beauty by using your own plasma and requires no downtime. Have we got your attention yet? Let’s dive in! 


What is PRP Treatment? Here are 4 Important Things to Know:


1. PRP is Natural and Enhances Your Beauty. Using your own plasma, PRP enhances the beauty that’s already beneath your skin. Taking the best properties from your plasma, PRP treatment breathes new life into your skin. 

2. Platelets are Healing. PRP treatment takes the healing properties of your plasma to aid in restoring the skin.

3. PRP Treatment Encourages Collagen and Hair Production. More collagen? Sign us up! Since women produce less and less collagen with age, PRP is too good to pass up. Collagen hydrates and strengthens the elasticity of your skin! Plus, hair restoration is a common result of PRP therapy.

4. There is No Downtime. This may be the most appealing benefit of all! PRP treatments require no downtime and still yield incredible results. Depending on the exact type of PRP treatment you choose, the 24-48 hours following your treatment will look different.

PRP is a breakthrough treatment that improves the look and feel of your skin, minimizes wrinkles, and restores shine and volume. Let Essex Med Spa help you achieve glowing, rejuvenated skin with one of our PRP Treatments! 


What is Hormone Replacement Therapy? How Does it Differ from PRP?


Our hormones are essential to everything we do – when they’re out of balance, we can see and feel it on our skin. Aside from estrogen and testosterone, many vital hormones work in harmony to keep our body functioning as it’s supposed to. 

Hormone Replacement Therapy combats three major threats to happy hormones: aging, nutrition, and environmental toxins. This treatment aims to balance your hormones and achieve healthy levels so you can live your best life! Essex Med Spa offers topical, oral, and pellet hormone therapy

Ready to take the first step toward a new and healthier you? Schedule an appointment today! 

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