IV Nutrition Therapy

Improve Energy, Strength, Immune Support and Recovery
Want to Rebound Quickly from Intense Workouts?
Looking to Power Your Immune System with All the Nutrients It Needs?
Ready to Recapture Better Energy & Cognitive Clarity?

About IV Nutrition Therapy

Many Essex MedSpa clients know they can get back to working out more often and enjoy a healthier cold and flu season. . . if only their bodies would cooperate. IV infusion therapy (also known as IV hydration therapy and IV nutrition therapy) in Denver and Littleton provides the natural support the body needs to improve athletic performance and conditioning, support the immune system, and provide the body with the right balance of vitamins and minerals for optimal energy, health, and mental clarity.

“I recently got an IV infusion and I am so happy with the results and definitely will keep getting them. I felt so energetic and hydrated. I was able to go longer in workouts and sports. I’ve absolutely loved it!”
Nancy Aleman

What is IV Hydration Therapy and How Does it Work?

IV infusions provide higher doses of vitamin and mineral nutrients than other therapies with the added kick of optimal absorption. Injected directly into your bloodstream, these natural micronutrients enter your body free of binders, fillers, and additives.

Some patients prefer to have their current or “baseline” micronutrient levels tested before getting an IV infusion. In these cases, Essex Medspa uses SpectraCell’s patented micronutrient testing, which carefully assesses the levels of 31 vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, antioxidants, and metabolites. With more than a million patients tested over its 20-year existence, SpectraCell’s patented technology is trusted by thousands of conventional and holistic medical practitioners all over the world. Essex Medspa wants to bring the best health and energy to Denver and Littleton patients, and SpectraCell helps us deliver it.

We will custom mix your intravenous formula based on your goals and to correct your deficiencies and provide post-workout, post- or pre-surgical or post-illness healing and immune system support.

You may be surprised to learn that, according to the United States Department of Agriculture’s report on dietary guidelines, 94% of Americans are deficient in vitamin D (which causes walking/gait issues), 43% are deficient in vitamin A (which causes poor night vision), and 88% are deficient in vitamin E (which causes muscle weakness, unsteady gait.) More, 100% of Americans are deficient in potassium (which causes muscle cramps, fatigue, and nausea), 52% in magnesium (causes muscle cramps and fatigue), 44% in calcium (causes bone density loss, brittle nails, memory loss.) Even those with healthy diets full of phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables can have nutrient deficiencies if they:

  • Currently take certain medications
  • Have specific health challenges
  • Engage in intense workouts that delete micronutrient stores

Who Gets IV Nutrition Therapy?

Pop singer Adele famously used IV infusions to blow away audiences during eight back-to-back performances in Los Angeles.

John Legend and wife Chrissy Tiegen swear they help maintain the energy they need in their busy lives. LIly Tomlin and Jane Fonda go to the same clinic to get the IV infusions that keep their skin looking youthful. Rhianna even tweeted a picture of her IV micronutrient infusion.

Beyond the big stars, the rest of us get IV therapy to:

  • Balance micronutrient deficiencies resulting from medication use and health issues: lab work may help provide these details.
  • Improve athletic and cognitive performance: an unknown deficiency could be holding you back.
  • Achieve better cognitive function and clarity: When better micronutrient levels can bring you more clarity, why take harsh medications with side effects? Micronutrient testing delivers the custom results that lead you to more natural, healthy solutions.
  • Recover from marathons, half-marathons, intense workouts, competitions and any physical exertion. Med spa clinics are filled with reedy marathoners after races. Athletes must restore the vitamins and minerals metabolized (burned through) after hard aerobic and anaerobic exertion.
  • Prepare for travel or exposure to potentially virus-carrying populations. Many of us are quarantining now, but those who must travel or mingle with others can reinforce their hard-working immune systems with the right nutrients.

“After playing soccer three nights a week and working out my knee-joints were hurting a lot. I wasn’t able to recover fast enough or have the energy to keep going during my workouts. This is when I decided to get an IV cocktail over at Essex Medspa. The next morning, the joint pain was  gone! It was totally like I was rejuvenating!”
Jonathan Martinez

How to Prepare for IV Therapy

IV infusions are meant to be restorative, particularly if you’re choosing Vitamin C IV therapy to recover from surgery or an illness. The day before you IV infusion, you should,

  • Discuss any concerns with your physician ahead of time to feel as prepared as possible. Practitioners love answering interesting questions. We are happy to answer your questions at Essex Medspa!
  • Drink plenty of water. IVs are easier to insert when blood volume is supported by adequate hydration. Drink all the way to your infusion and keep your water bottle with you during.
  • Rest well. Did you know sleep is the spa for the brain? Bathe your grey matter in restorative hormones so that your infusion packs a punch.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast, unless your nurse asks you to fast. You want your blood sugar to be stable.
  • Wear soft, comfortable clothes. You may need to use the restroom, and elastic waistbands are your friend when you have only one hand free.
  • Bring a lap blanket. Medical facilities like to keep the temperature down to prevent germ proliferation. While this step protects you, the cozy blanket you bring helps you relax.
  • Bring books, podcasts, knitting. You may be immobile for 45 minutes or more. This is your time to relax. Bring your favorite book, music or podcast to get your body into ultimate relaxation mode—a state that has health benefits all its own.
  • Prepare to express yourself. Speak up. If during the infusion you feel uncomfortable or worried, prepare to speak with the medical staff.

What to Expect After IV Therapy

  • Fatigue. An infusion may leave you tired the following day. Your body is working hard to assimilate the new information (in the form of vitamins and minerals added.) Also prepare for extra energy should your body feast on your added nutrients.
  • Manage your expectations. Immediate improvement can be rare. Keep monitoring over the following days.
  • Stay in touch with your IV therapy specialist. Be ready to contact your practitioner if you experience symptoms that worry you.

IV Therapy and Micronutrient Infusions for Denver and Littleton, CO Clients

Essex Medspa has provided micronutrient testing and IV therapy for Denver and Littleton, CO residents for 13 years now. We love hearing that clients got through the cold and flu season with one or fewer viruses or that our athletes and marathoners felt so much better after one or two sessions in the IV chairs! We also want to help those of you struggling with medical issues and the medications that could impact your micronutrient availability. Low energy, muscle cramps, lack of coordination, brain fog and more may be rectified with simple micronutrient balancing.

If you’d like to learn more about IV therapy and if it’s right for you, please call us at 303-973-3603 to discuss your options. If you’re ready to experience the benefits of IV therapy for yourself, schedule your appointment today!

Looking for more health, hormone, or wellness treatments at our med spa in Littleton? We also offer hormone replacement therapy, B12 shots, anti-aging and integrative medicine, lipo-mino shots, and custom weight loss programs. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a treatment or consultation!