Enhance and Soften Facial Contour with Voluma and Radiesse

Our genetics determine our facial profile but over time our facial profile changes. But why? As we age we lose fat and collagen leading to a more hollow appearance. Additionally, our skin becomes thinner as the supporting tissues underneath essentially shrink, causing our skin to be more transparent and crinkly. We often think that gravity is the main contributor to aging but instead other factors, like the loss of facial fat and sun damage are more contributory to the complex process of aging.

Although the changes that occur do so relatively slowly, the combination of these changes can leave our face looking tired and less flattering. The soft subtle curves of our face and firm texture of our skin fade, yielding a harsher appearance.
Fortunately, there are ways to correct some of these changes and give our faces a smoother more flattering appearance.

Voluma and Radiesse are both dermal fillers that can add volume and bring back the soft flattering contour to our face. This can be done without it looking over-treated or unnatural. These two products are a great combination, each having the ability to redefine facial features for a more pleasing profile. Both can help provide lift to the midface while eliminating fine
lines and creases in the lower face. Although there is some overlap in what these products can do, Voluma is great for adding definition over bony areas and Radiesse will add volume in the mid-cheek area to create a more youthful appearance. In fact, Radiesse will even stimulate collagen production for months after in the areas treated. Frequently just a few syringes of
these dermal fillers can a big impact on facial profile.

Curious what these dermal fillers can do for you? We will review with you during your complimentary consult how these products can enhance and redefine your look. No obligation, just education on how these products might benefit you!

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