Meet The Team

Jill Sohayda M.D., Owner

Dr. Jill Sohayda is the Medical Director of Essex Medspa. She obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in biochemistry in 1990 from The Ohio State University. She went on to earn her M.D. degree from the University of Cincinnati School of Medicine in 1994. Dr. Sohayda is a double board-certified physician with advanced training in sclerotherapy, botox, dermal fillers, and laser skincare. She completed her laser training at the Rocky Mountain Laser College. Dr. Sohayda was on staff at the Cleveland Clinic prior to moving to Colorado and is currently affiliated with Lutheran Medical Center. Dr. Sohayda belongs to the American College of Physicians, the American Medical Association, the Colorado Medical Society, and the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery. Dr. Sohayda is committed to implementing the newest technologies to ensure that you receive the best result. Dr. Sohayda combines excellent training with a caring and attentive bedside manner along with the rest of the Med Spa Littleton, CO team.

Toni Wentz, Licensed Esthetician

My interest in skin care began at an early age. From my first lip gloss to my current overflowing arsenal of lotions and potions, I am a lifelong student of all things related to skin. My passion is technology and ingredients and the impact they have on the health and beauty of our skin. I love educating clients on skin care and helping them to establish a good skin care regimen.

I enjoy providing a variety of skin care treatments while focusing on each client’s needs and tailoring the treatments to attain their skin care goals. Her services will include Microdermabrasion, Dermaplaning, Chemical peels, Collagen Induction Therapy.

Erin Cain, FNP

I first developed an interest in healthcare by listening to my parents talk about their medical experiences. My father is an orthopedic surgeon and my mother is a retired registered nurse, therefore, it seemed only natural for me to enter the medical field as well. I obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition at the University of Vermont and later received a Bachelor’s in nursing from the Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science. I entered the workforce as an ICU nurse, and in 2016 I took to the road for an exciting opportunity as a travel nurse. I worked in many ICU’s across the county and eventually found Denver by way of Nashville, Tennessee. Currently, I am working towards earning an online degree as a family nurse practitioner at Simmons College in Boston, MA. My goals after graduation are to work in dermatology as a nurse practitioner.

Like many girls, I developed an interest in skin care at an early age. In high school, I worked as a receptionist at a small scale medical spa. It was there I discovered the plethora of products and ointments which can be used for treatments and how individualized each client’s skin care treatment plan can be. Skin is the body’s largest organ and acts as the first line of defense against infections. A healthy skin care routine not only prevents infections, sun damage and premature aging but can boost a person’s self-esteem as well. I look forward to partnering with the Essex team to provide excellent service and help you feel beautiful from the inside out.

Anna McMillan, Front Desk Ambassador

I joined the Essex Team in 2018 in an administrative role to provide support and focus on guest service. My background has been in the hospitality industry but I wanted to change directions and started taking courses in Integrated Health. My goal is to learn about the different therapies available to care for the whole person, from the physical to our mental and emotional needs. I am really enjoying learning about the role nutrition plays in our overall health, including how it affects our skin. I believe the choices we make, from our diet to our skincare, can greatly influence the way we look and feel. I am excited to be a part of a great team that is focused on not only helping our clients feel and look their best, but to our guests overall well-being.

Jerlyn Rodriquez, Licensed Esthetician

I have had a passion for “all things skin care” for most of my life. So once my kids were in school , I myself went back to further my education and got my esthetician license.

I really enjoy working with people and love helping them take better care of their skin. At Essex Medspa, we offer the latest in services and products to allow clients to reach their skin care goals. I look forward to helping you the next time you come to see us!

Nicole Kusmierz, RN

I have been a registered nurse since 2010.  My first passion in nursing began with obstetrics as a Labor and Delivery Nurse.  To me, this was more than a job.  I made it a priority to value each patient’s personal experience in bringing their babies safely, and lovingly into the world.  During my 8 years in this field, I found that Woman’s Health was where I would always have some focus as a healthcare provider.  As I continue my education in obtaining an advanced degree as a Family Nurse Practitioner, I journeyed outside of the obstetric field to gain more experience and training in other areas of interest.  First, that was Regenerative and Functional health.  The advanced training I received allowed me to learn, in depth, how the human body can heal itself with nutrition and natural, biologic, regenerative therapies.  Some of these therapies include platelet rich plasma (PRP) joint injections, stem cell/allograft injections, ozone/O3 therapy, and thorough laboratory assessments to look for deficiencies in the body, that while may be subtle, can have an affect on overall wellness.  I am also a true believer of the benefits of vitamins and minerals through intravenous therapy and intramuscular injections.  I came into the aesthetic field of nursing by way of an extensive training course in PRP and stem cell natural aesthetic procedures.  While performing PRP facial rejuvenation, I realized that many clients wanted more than a subtle change or enhancement. I have realized that, unquestionably, people want to FEEL good, but very much, as well: we want to LOOK good, too!  I love that in my nursing career, I can help people achieve both!  I have a continued passion for educating others and growing my knowledge base as a nurse and healthcare provider.