We all know that gravity and aging can do a number on us. In the past, the only solutions available seemed to be a facelift or liposuction. Let us introduce you to two procedures that are FDA approved and minimally invasive! 


FaceTite and BodyTite are non-surgical treatments to transform your face and body with little to no downtime. These treatments use technology that dissolves fat and tightens the skin.  Anywhere that you have loose and/or sagging skin, we can help tighten these areas.

Areas that can be treated: 

  • Jawline 
  • Neck 
  • Arms
  • Legs
  • Stomach – Abs and Flanks 
  • Back 
  • Armpits

How do these treatments work?

FaceTite and BodyTite  use advanced Radio-Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) technology that contours and tightens loose or saggy skin. It stimulates collagen production and gives the body, face and neck an attractive, youthful appearance. The advanced, modern technology targets specific areas that are difficult to treat. Here are videos that will show you how the procedures work. 


You do not have to worry about general anesthesia, severe pain, long recovery times, or multiple visits! You can schedule your FaceTite or BodyTite procedure at your free consultation and have your treatment completed in one visit! 


If you want to tighten up those hard to lose areas or say goodbye to loose or saggy skin, FaceTite and/or BodyTite may just be the perfect solution for you! Call or text us today at  (720) 764-9393 to schedule your free consultation and start your journey toward your own amazing results.