Shopping, cooking and welcoming family into your home over the holidays are certainly exciting endeavors, but they can also be filled with stressful times. Prioritizing your wellness during this season isn’t always possible. However, there are simple solutions that can improve your energy levels and give you more enjoyment overall. Look over these options so that you can do what’s right for you.

Tip One: Sleep

Sleep is probably the most important aspect of fighting off holiday stress. When you don’t get enough sleep, your mind and body don’t respond as well as they normally do. You might feel sluggish or irritated. Almost any challenge becomes a major frustration as holiday tasks continually arise.

Ideally, most adults require at least seven to nine hours of sleep each night. This range gives the body enough time to enter deep and REM or rapid eye movement stages throughout the night. Your body uses these restful hours as a way to heal tissues and replenish the neuron-signaling processes. With the right amount of sleep, you awaken each day with a restful sensation.

Lack of sleep affects your memory, which makes it harder to keep up with holiday schedules. You might forget to buy certain gifts or overlook a child’s classroom party. The forgetfulness leaves you more frustrated than ever before.

Although you may have a lot to accomplish during the holidays, it’s critical to prioritize rest. Stay on a sleep schedule, such as dimming the lights around 10 p.m. Allow yourself to rest so that each day can be tackled with the energy that it deserves. Catching up on sleep isn’t possible. Every night should fall within the seven-to-nine-hour sleeping range for the healthiest of holidays.

Tip Two: Magnesium

Your body uses a lot of magnesium on a daily basis. It’s found in many foods that you might eat on a regular basis, including avocados and cashews. When it comes to holiday stress, you may need more magnesium to balance out the body. Supplements sold from our office are a great way to introduce your body to a calmer holiday season.

Magnesium is actually responsible for many biochemical reactions in the body. It’s directly responsible for energy production in the cells. This element becomes an assistant when enzymes are performing their work within the tissues.

Without an ample amount of magnesium, your energy reserves can certainly diminish. It’s also fascinating to know that supplemental magnesium also plays a role in a good night’s rest.

Anti-inflammatory properties, calming features and other reactions of magnesium with your tissues can help with insomnia and restless nights. GABA or gamma-aminobutyric acid is also increased with the use of magnesium. This neurotransmitter may help with sleep encouragement. You feel relaxed, so the body reacts by falling asleep at the right time.

Our team can help you select a magnesium regimen that works for your body. Because it’s an element that’s found naturally in the human body, specific doses through supplementation are entirely safe. The holidays won’t feel so overwhelming when you have energy and rest as main tools.

Tip Three: Exercise

As the holidays approach, any free time is typically filled with seasonal responsibilities. Putting exercise on hold is a common occurrence. However, this season is when you should be prioritizing exercise in the first place. 

Simply walking for 20 or 30 minutes each day will relieve stress that overwhelms people around the holidays. Experts recommend about 150 minutes of moderate exercise every week. You don’t have to be an athlete to conform to these recommendations either. Take a walk, head over to the stairs or bike your way over to a store. Adding in exercise whenever possible is how you can achieve the recommended amounts.

You’ll notice that the stress melts away with the activity and falling asleep is much easier than before. In fact, you should have more energy when you exercise on a regular basis. By keeping the body moving, you’re encouraging the tissues to strengthen and acclimate to the activity. Shopping can now be completed with enough energy afterward to cook a hearty dinner. 

The holidays stress the importance of taking care of others, but that doesn’t mean that you should neglect yourself. Use those small breaks throughout the day to break a sweat. You might lose weight and feel more energized as a result of your efforts. Dealing with everyday stress will now be easier than before. Continue with your exercising efforts into the new year so that stress isn’t a constant companion.

Tip Four: Vitamin B12 Injections

Vitamin B12 shots were considered trendy many years ago, but the craze wore off over time. However, these injections are still viable ways to improve your health and wellness. This vitamin cannot be made by the human body. It must be brought in from an outside source. Our office is proud to offer vitamin B12 injections as a way to boost your energy levels.

This nutrient is used in countless synthesis processes within the body. It’s a critical part of making balanced amounts of hormones. Whether you’re a male or female, balanced hormones improve your mood and give you sustained energy. 

In fact, vitamin B12 is also important as you synthesize lipids or fats along with proteins. When your body is deficient in this vitamin, key nutrients might be discarded and eliminated by your waste systems. Moods turn sullen and energy levels diminish.

Another aspect of vitamin B12’s benefits is improving red-blood-cell formation. These cells carry oxygen and other nutrients to every tissue in the body. Allowing our shots to boost your vitamin levels means that more blood cells can take those nutrients to the right places. You end up with more energy.

Injection frequency will depend on your physiology. Our team can examine your health to determine a safe course of action. You’ll be carefully evaluated during the injection process so that the proper vitamin levels are achieved in your body. 

Dr. Sohayda offers B12 Injections, call 303-973-3683 to book your appointment.

Tip Five: Coenzyme Q10

Coenzyme Q10 or CoQ10 sounds like a complex term, but it’s actually a molecular compound found naturally in the human body. You’ll find it hidden within your cells’ mitochondria. These organelles are in charge of energy production. CoQ10 happens to be a critical compound when it comes to energy creation.

By taking CoQ10 on a regular basis, you’re boosting energy levels at the cellular level. To be more exact, ATP forms when CoQ10 is in ample abundance. ATP or adenosine triphosphate makes it possible for energy to form and move between cells. The result is more energy for your holiday tasks.

Our office carries CoQ10. Most people prefer the supplemental form so that they can simply take it and move on with their day. The compound can branch out from your digestive system and benefit the rest of your tissues. Taking this supplement each day is the only way to sustain those energy levels, however. Your body absorbs the compound with ease as you take it with food. Stopping the dosage diminishes the energy effects. Your tissues cannot store any CoQ10, so supplementing is the best option.

You might also find CoQ10 in skincare products. It’s known to boost energy levels, which is also conducive to generating healthy skin cells. Fine lines and wrinkles might diminish with a topically applied product.

Visit our office for your consultation today. Our team can create a wellness program that’s designed just for your needs. Enjoy the holidays even more than before.