Youthful, natural appearance is beauty!  So why the craze over the frozen face?  It’s really not necessary or recommended.

Botox can help to slow the appearance of lines on the face.  It truly is preventative when used correctly.  Treatments should soften the creation of lines with a facial expression without immobilizing the facial muscles entirely.  We need to have the ability to make some facial expression when interacting with others.  Facial expression and body language are a huge component of our daily social interactions.  And it is necessary for communication and social bonding.

Despite the rumors, Botox can when used appropriately,  soften the creation of facial lines but still allow for natural expression of your emotions.  Yes,  you can get rid of the deep furrows between your brows and still look human!  Botox is not an all or none phenomenon.  When starting with Botox,  you and your skin care provider should aim to soften the appearance of lines with facial expression.  Doing a follow up about 10 to 14 days after the treatment allows you and your skin care specialist to determine if more is needed.  Touch ups can be done easily!  And if you’re worried about getting a brow droop or a Spock eye, these can easily be avoided by starting with moderate doses of Botox and doing fine adjustments to the treatment at follow up.

Why Botox?  There are several other options available including Dysport and Xeomin.  They all work effectively but Botox does have some advantages:

  1. Botox’s larger particle size affords for greater control over the treatment with less spread beyond the targeted treatment area.
  2. Botox has been shown to achieve consistently greater strain reduction after treatment.

There are advanced techniques that can be done with Botox.  Two of the most popular ones at Essex Medspa are the Botox Brow Lift and the Botox Lip Pop.  The brow lift will lift drooping eyebrows. The lip pop treatment will create a sexier, fuller, pouty lip appearance.  It can also help to soften the vertical lines around the mouth.

Beauty is natural, NOT fake!  In addition to Botox,  sunblock is a huge preventative treatment that will keep your skin looking young and radiant.  So think prevention with Botox and sunblock.  And aim for natural beauty inside and out!