What Is Botox for Men Exactly? How Does It Work?
The skin is like paper. The more repetitive creases it experiences, the more it retains those creases. Emotionally expressive people (and some say the more intelligent) tend to have more dynamic facial expressions, a quality that leads to wrinkles. Botox relaxes the muscles beneath the skin so that it stops creasing so frequently.

Injected in very small doses into facial muscles, Botox blocks nerve signals going to muscles so that muscles relax. Wrinkles caused by underlying muscles are called “dynamic” wrinkles. Those on the surface of the skin caused by the loss of elasticity due to aging and gravity are referred to as “static” wrinkles, form regardless of muscle actions. These are treated with injectable fillers that plump the skin and other procedures.

Men tend to be hesitant to share their cosmetic treatments, yet Botox® has many benefits that appeal to men due to its:

  • Low downtime – taking just 10 to 30 minutes, Botox injections are often referred to as “lunchtime” procedures. They don’t involve the 7- to 10-day recovery that surgical facelifts require. Get your injections and get right back to work with no one the wiser.
  • Potency – Botox drastically reduces and in some cases eliminates lines creasing forehead, eyes, and the vertical lines between the brows (the “elevens.”) The changes Botox initiates appear between 2 to 10 days after injection. Effects last from 3 to 5 months. The good news is that consecutive treatments can lead to longer results, ultimately reducing the long-term cost.
  • Gradual changes – that forestall questions. Colleagues and family will question their perceptions rather than pepper you with suspicions.
  • Affordability – Botox is a fraction of the price of surgical treatments like the mini-facelift, brow-lift and necklift.
  • Low Time Commitment – men need only return to the clinic a few times per year to maintain the youthful effects.

A Proactive Approach to Aging
Have you been seeing terms like, “Brotox,” “Resting Jerk Face,” and even the “Daddy Do-Over” more and more these days?
Botox for men is here, established, and accepted. In 2018, Forbes ran a feature entitled, “Brotox: It’s Time for Men to Come Out of the Closet.” In it, the author laments the fact that most men are quick to, “drop four figures treating premature hair loss and balding and hitting the gym every morning to keep their gut in check. But when it comes to the wrinkles on their face being a “fussy” is still more shameful than getting a manicure. It’s time for men to get over it.” He credits his Brotox injections with helping him look and feel younger and energized.

“Resting Jerk Face” is just the male version of “Resting B**** Face,” expressions characterized by forehead lines and crows feet that convey an unintended harshness. Botox can relax the lines that make one look permanently cross.

Men seek cosmetic surgery not only to compete on the dating scene but also in the boardroom, where younger employees arrive with more recent training and abundant energy. Today’s professional men fear those wrinkles around the forehead and eyes could impact their earning and promotion potential. They also want to keep up with female partners who have been using fillers and injectables for decades. Finally, like women, men can’t help but count their pores and creases on their endless Zoom meetings. When they decide to do something about it, their first step is often Botox.

Plastic surgeons have lines out the door with patients longing to look better on screen. A growing portion of these patients are men. In 2018, 446,242 men got Botox injections, a 381% increase from 2000. Nearly one million American men get nonsurgical cosmetic procedures every year.

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