Every week, we see a handful of patients distressed over thinning hair, rising temples, and flat out bald spots. Every week, no matter their gender or age, we send them home on the path to thicker, fuller hair after platelet-rich plasma hair restoration, a treatment many doctors are referring to as “liquid gold.”

With PRP hair restoration, patients don’t undergo surgery or rely on medication alone. Instead, they unleash the regenerative power of the natural platelets abundant in their own blood. The doctor withdraws a few vials of blood to be centrifuged, and then re-injects the platelet-dense solution into the scalp. Platelet rich plasma contains growth factors and proteins that speed tissue repair. The PRP is injected into follicles at the site of the hair loss, stimulating the follicles to renew,  making them ready to create thick, healthy hair strands. PRP has proven effective in both men’s androgenic alopecia and women’s “female pattern baldness.”  

Hair is integral to our self concept and even our ability to feel attractive, protected, and either fully feminine or masculine. Both men and women regain thicker, fuller hair without surgical hair transplants when they choose PRP hair restoration. This same treatment has proven to regenerate the cartilage, tissue, bone, and synovial fluid in damaged joints. 

If you have questions about PRP treatments for hair loss, please reach out to us at 303-973-3683. You can also ask your questions on our online form. We offer complimentary consultations so you can learn more about PRP hair restoration and how it can help you.