If have a child that is a teenager, chances are pretty high that they have had some concerns about acne.   Acne is a common problem for this age group and sometimes lingers on even as an adult.

There are several factors that contribute to an acne lesions.  These include hormones and diet.  Androgen hormones increase during puberty and cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and make more sebum which can block the pores.  Also certain foods such as dairy products or carbohydrate rich food such as sweets, pastas, and breads,  may trigger acne.

What advice should you give your teenager?

  • First, do NOT pick or squeeze pimples.  This increases the time it takes to heal and will promote discoloration after the breakout has cleared.
  • Avoid touching the face with fingers and hands.  The oil and dirt on your hands can worsen the acne.
  • Cleanse facial skin with a gentle cleanser and warm water once or twice a day.  Do NOT scrub the skin as this irritates it and can make the acne worse.
  • Use a Clarisonic brush for more thorough cleansing.  Again a gentle brush head for just a minute or two is good a few days each week.
  • Avoid wearing hats and keep hair pulled back from the face as much as possible.  Girls can wear their hair back in a head band or pony tail while sleeping to prevent  the oil from their hair getting on their skin.
  • If you have oily hair, wash it regularly.
  • Wear sun block daily that is oil free or noncomedogenic.  Sun block helps prevent discoloration and scarring that can occur after the skin gets inflamed from acne lesions.
  • Only use makeup that is oil free or noncomedogenic.
  • Have your skin care specialist put together a skin care regimen designed specifically for your teen.  Everyone is unique and so is facial skin! Help your teenager take control of their skin!