e834b1082cfc053ecd0b470de7444e90fe76e6d01bb119479df5c4_640_balanceAre you feeling fatigued?   Do you wonder if your hormones need a tune up?   Or maybe you would like to make a change in your diet to elevate your mood and energy levels?

As we age, our bodies depend on good hormonal balance and proper nutrition to allow us to look and feel our best. With our busy lives, we often don’t take the time to listen to our bodies and evaluate our health. However, there are multiple yet simple things we can do to improve our health and wellness. For example, Omega-3’s are a fatty acid that all of us need, but most of us receive inadequate amounts of in our diet. Omega-3’s have anti-inflammatory properties, are cardio-protective and can help with depression. Furthermore, Omega-3’s have profound anti-aging effects on the brain and promote stable cognition and memory. Taking a supplement of Omega-3’s on a daily basis is recommended for nearly everyone. In addition to proper nutrition, our hormone status plays a major role in how we feel and can be influenced by our nutrition. Although we know estrogen plays a large role in female health, progesterone, testosterone and thyroid can be just as important. It is truly the intricate balance of these hormones in both men and women that affects how we feel. Fortunately, we now have several ways to adequately assess hormone levels, from serum testing to saliva and urine analysis in addition to multiple ways to treat our hormonal deficiencies.

At Essex Medspa, we offer complimentary consultation to guide you on your way to a better you.   Whether, you need hormonal treatment or just nutritional guidance, we can help.  Get your new year off to a great start by booking your complimentary consultation today!