In the practice of esthetics, facial hair on women seems to be a embarrassing topic with many misconceptions and confusion.  Obviously men have been shaving their faces since the beginning of time.  Interestingly, it appears that men don’t show the signs of aging as much on their skin in the areas that they shave. It makes you wonder how much of this has to do with their daily habit of shaving?

In the skin care industry, we know that exfoliation helps to lift away dead skin. It stimulating the skin’s natural healing response, leading to brighter younger skin.  The question is, why aren’t women regularly using techniques like dermaplaning, which provides hair removal in addition to exfoliation, to keep their skin looking its best.  It seems there is a fear that the hair will only grow back thicker and coarser over time. But indeed, that is just a myth.

To understand this, let’s talk about hair. There are 2 different types of hair, vellus and terminal.  Vellus hair is fine and soft compared to terminal hair, which is thicker and more course in texture.  The amount and type of hair present is determined by genetics and hormones.  Women in general have more vellus hair than men.  However as women age, they may notice a few more terminal hairs as hormones fluctuate but procedures such as dermaplaning will not affect this.

Dermaplaning is a treatment that has been around for years.  It is performed with a medical blade that is gently scraped over the surface of the clean, moisture free skin.  The dull dead skin and hairs are removed, revealing brighter, smoother skin and more even skin tone. Professional dermaplaning is always more effective than shaving at home because it is done by a trained professional with a sharp surgical blade which leads to the more effective hair removal in addition to exfoliation.  This treatment has no downtime and results are immediate. It’s less irritating that waxing or shaving  This is a painless, relaxing procedure that is a must do for all women desiring smoother, brighter, younger looking skin that is hair free!

Delinda Evans

Esthetician Essex Med Spa