Hormonal balance is the key to happiness and healthy living. While most think of estrogen and testosterone when we hear the word “hormone”,  there are actually numerous hormones that our bodies require to function well.  Cortisol and thyroid, just to name a few, are hormones which are critical to our wellbeing.  All of our hormones interact with each other and create what we like to call the hormonal symphony.

Any imbalance in one can have a ripple effect on all the others.  There are three main factors that can set off an imbalance in the hormonal symphony:


  • aging,
  • nutrition and
  • environmental toxins

As we age,  our nutrition, as well as the aging process, greatly affects our body’s ability to maintain healthy hormone production and balance. Poor nutrition and aging lower our ability to fight off the stresses of everyday toxins in the environment.  So while it’s great that we are living longer, the bad news is we are exposed to more and more toxins every day. It is the combination of these factors that can lead to hormonal imbalance and symptoms like fatigue, memory loss, weight gain, insomnia, and numerous aches and pains.

So how can we battle this spiraling effect? Here’s the good news: thanks to advances in medical research we can now evaluate our health in a way we couldn’t ten years ago.  And remember there is more to hormone balance than just checking estrogen and testosterone levels.  Our bodies require the right combination of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients to maintain that beautiful hormonal symphony needed for health and happiness.  We are all different however so no there’s no single plan that will work for all of us.  With a personalized approach, Dr. Sohayda and her staff will provide you with the tools you need to look and feel and your best.

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