Reveal Your Amazing Self!

Monday, February 24, 2020 at 5:30 pm

For Attendees ONLY: Complimentary wellness exam and visit $130 value – limit to the first 10 registered attendees that attend the event. Plus $50 credit to use towards HRT, Femilift or O Shot.

Dr. Jill sohayda will discuss hormone therapy options including pellets, topical, oral treatments as well as supplements to help you look and feel your best. Find out how to address sleep issues, brain fog, and energy levels. Learn the differences between serum and saliva hormone testing. Customize your treatment plan. Be part of the first 10 registered attendees and get a complimentary consult for your customized treatment plan.

GUEST SPEAKER WILL BE LORA CHEADLE, author of FLAUNT. What every woman wants, is to know that who she is right now, is more than enough. To be madly, deeply and passionately in love with herself, her body and her life. But for most of us, that just isn’t the case. Why? Because we stop ourselves from living the lives we desire, in favor of living the lives that we think we should. This book inspires women to create and meet their own expectations, and validate themselves instead of seeking approval from others.